October 2021


October  2021


People and Places

  • Pascal Christodoulou 1934-2020
  • Johansson Takes on Director Role at ASA

Sugar Around the World

  • ED&F Man: October Molasses Report

Green Energy | Latin America
The Bioethanol Industry in Argentina Recovers and Enacts the New Biofuels Law
by Mauro Nogarin

Energía Verde | América Latina
La Industria del Bioetanol en Argentina se Recupera y Promulga la Nueva Ley de Biocombustibles
by Mauro Nogarin

Corn Matters
Ukraine and Russia See Room for Growth of Corn Production
by Vladislav Vorotnikov

What’s Cookin’ – Frank’s Cream of Redfish Soup


Sugarcane Energy: Potential  Electricity Production from  Vinasse Produced by the  Ethanol Industry
by Joaquín Mario Ortiz and Luis Erazzú

Philippine Sugar Exports Halted
by Jaroslaw Adamowski


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