November 2021




Sugar Around the World

· CS Brazil 1H October Sugar Production Expected to Decrease

· U.S. and Mexican Sugar Production Increased

· Long-Lasting Biological Seed Treatments: KWS Launches First Product

· India: Sugar Production to be Lower this Season


The Sugar Mill 4.0 Consolidation
By Andréia Vital

Biotechnology as a Tool to Improve Yield in  Sugarcane Areas
By  Alexandre Landgraf &  Guilherme Rossi Machado Jr.

La Biotecnología Como Herramienta para Incremento de Productividad en Area Caneras
By Alexandre Landgraf &  Guilherme Rossi Machado Jr.

Biotecnologia Como Ferramenta de Incremento Da Produtividade Nos Canaviais
By Alexandre Landgraf &  Guilherme Rossi Machado Jr.

The Detection and Analysis of Outliers in a Set of South African Cane Payment Analyses
By  Raoul Lionnet


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