May 2015


Publisher’s Corner

Upcoming Meetings


Sugar Around the World
People and Places
The Picking Table – On the Relationship of Color and Ash in Sugar Produced
By Christopher D. Rhoten

What’s Cookin’ – Housemade Macaroni with Cheddar Velouté and Pulled Pork


Sugar Industry Technologists 74th Annual Meeting
President’s Address By David M. Meadows
Abstracts of Papers to be Presented Osaka, Japan
U.S. Cane Sugar Refining Companies
Inoculation of Cephalosporium Sacchari on Commercial and Promising Guatemalan Sugarcane Cultivars
Inoculación de Variedades Cg Comerciales y Promisorias con Cephalosporium Sp. el Hongo Causante de la Caña Seca By Werner Ovalle and Mynor Catalán