March-April 2021



Sugar Around the World

A Fatal Attraction Controls Devastating
Fall Armyworm

Sucro Sourcing Refurbishing Ex-Bethlehem Steel Site

U.S. Sugar and Louis Dreyfus Company 36 Agree on Acquisition

Green Energy/Latin America

The Ethanol Industry in Colombia and Argentina
BY Mauro Nogarin

Energía Verde | América Latina

La Industria del Etanol en Colombia y Argentina
BY Mauro Nogarin


Al Khaleej Sugar Sugar Refining in the Gulf

Pilot Plant Studies Demonstrate the Ability of a Powdered Activated Carbon to Simultaneously Remove Multiple Impurities from a  Refinery Syrup
BY Isabel M. Lima, Ana Maria Jiménez, Gillian Eggleston, Benhur Pabon,  Emmanuel Sarir, Jack Thompson

Melting Capacity for U.S. Cane Sugar Refining Companies

Louisiana Sugarcane Industry – 2021 Factory Production 

Louisiana Sugarcane Industry –  Factory Personnel

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-Silver Engineering Works

-TMB Water

Bioethanol Production Has Bright Prospects in Eastern Europe
BY Vladislav Vorotnikov

2021 Ethanol Buyers’ Guide


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