February 2022




Sugar Around the World

  • World’s First CRISPR-edited Sugarcane  Developed in Brazil
  • England Temporarily Lifts Ban on Sugar Beet Pesticide

 People and Places

  • Mike Grisham Retires from USDA
  • Nominate a Sugar Notable

Picking Table

On the Subject of Beet Sugar Crystallization. #2:
Why and How Crystals Grow
by Christopher D.RHOTEN

Whats’s Cookin’- Seafood Jambalaya


Latin American Buyers’ Guide
Latin American Suppliers’ Directory
Latin American Suppliers’ Directory Contact Information

Modernization of Resin Decolorization Systems.
Adapting to New Conditions in Sugar Refineries
by  Antoine CHARBONNEAU, Anne-Sophie FAUROT
and Maxime GALLOT


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