December 2017


December 2017 


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The Picking Table: Effective Crystallized Sucrose Recovery Management. #1: The Nature of a
Recycle System. By Christopher D. Rhoten

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What’s Cookin’ New Year’s Eve Shrimop



Performance of Lamella Clarifiers For Juice And Syrup Clarification,
By PW Rein, M Getaz, A Raghunandan, N Du Pleissis, H Saleh, FE D’León

The First 20 Years Of Research At The Sugarcane Research Center Of Ecuador – Cincae
By Raúl O. Castillo, Ph. D.

Primeros 20 Años Del Centro De Investigación De La Caña De Azúcar Del Ecuador – Cincae
By Raúl O. Castillo, Ph.D. 



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