April 2015


On the Cover:
Costa Rica sugarcane field
Photo by Romney Richard
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Publisher’s Corner
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Sugar Around the World
People and Places
Sugarcane Breeding – First Things First
Hibridación de la CaĖa de Azúcar–Primero lo Primero
By Kenneth Gravois
What’s Cookin’ – Crab Cakes Benedict


Growth in Sugar Output Slows in
Mexico and Central America
By Susan Buchanan
Is There a Solution to the Chronic Kidney
Disease Epidemic in Central America?
By Robert Quirk
Influence of Ethephon + Silicon Dioxide (55%) on the Flowering Rate in Sugarcane
(Saccharum spp.) Cultivar CP88-1165
Efecto de Ethephon en Mezcla con Dioxido de
Silicio (55%) Sobre la Floracion de Caña de Azucar (saccharum spp.), Variedad CP88-1165
By Joel Morales, Gerardo Espinoza, Kevin López, Manuel Corado, Daniel Soto y Alex Salazar