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Newsworthy Stories for June 2013

Newsworthy Stories for June 2013

Romney Richard, Publisher and Editor, Sugar Journal
June 4, 2013
June is a busy month for the sugarcane industry. The second week of June is the ASSCT meeting in Panama City, FL, and the ISSCT will be held in Brazil at the end of June. The ISSCT conference occurs every three years, and is hosted by a different country each time. You can register here if you haven’t already.

Brazil’s CS Sugar Output Up 140 Percent 
Through mid-May, sugar and ethanol mills in Brazil’s main center-south cane belt have produced more than twice the amount than last season. This is believed to be due to the dry weather in late April and early May. Also, mills are up 146% from last season, as they are shifting their production schedule to favor biofuel over sugar, because of sugar’s current weak international price. Read more.

New York Times: Understanding Obesity 
We have a tendency to want to blame one factor – like sugar – for weight gain, but it’s much more complicated than that, according to Jane Brody, a veteran health and wellness reporter. She explains that the increase in obesity is multifaceted and began almost half a century ago. “Sugar, it turns out, is a minor player on the rise,” Ms. Brody says. “More than half of the added calories – 242 a day – have come from fats and oils, and another 167 calories from flour and cereal. Sugar accounts for only 35 of the added daily calories.”

Unlike many diseases, this one is entirely preventable and treatable, but understanding the forces that created the problem (and continue to perpetuate it) will take effective measures. Read more.

Minn-Dak’s Roche to Retire, Kurt Wickstrom to Succeed
David Roche, president and CEO of Min-Dak Farmers Cooperative since 2001, will be retiring at the end of August. Kurt Wickstrom, president of Betaseed, will be assuming that position.

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