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In China for SIT

In China for SIT

Romney Richard, Publisher and Editor, Sugar Journal
May 15, 2013
“The Sugar Industry Technologists meeting in Guangzhou, China was a sweet success by most measures. Papers on sugar and sugar refining that were presented were most informative. New technologies on improving sugar refining were a focus as well as other issues related to improving overall sugar refining processes, including environmental and health and safety in the sugar refinery. Symposia at the sugar refining meeting were held on “Packaging – Options, Improvements and Optimization” and “Maximizing Maintainability and Operability of Sugar Refinery Plant and Equipment”. These were most informative and provided lively discussion by the sugar delegates.” – Charley Richard

SIT 2013 meeting in China

Check out the rest of the pictures from the meeting here.

The meeting went very well, according to Charley in this blog above. However, I, for the most part, attended the Ladies Tour. This included the Baomo Gardens and Zoo Safari on one day and the Chen Ancestral Hall with shopping on the next. For lunch on the first day, we went to a Chinese buffet, where many Chinese dishes were available including Crocodile Head Soup:

Crocodile Head Soup

Not the least bit appetizing, however the following day we lunched at the Marriott Hotel and everything there was delish, including the sweet, sugar-y desserts!

All the best,
Romney Richard

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